About Global Teaching InSights

Teaching is as important and impactful as it is complex and challenging. At the OECD (“we”, “us”, “our” or “OECD”), we value the teaching profession’s expertise and honour its struggles and challenges. The goal of the Global Teaching Insights platform (the “GTI platform” or the “Platform”) and community is to support the teaching profession, in all its rich diversity and breadth.

The platform is intended to be a professional resource for the teaching community than can be used for professional learning and development.

Six Guiding Principles for interaction in the site

We ask you to embrace and abide by our six guiding principles and to let them underpin all your interactions and actions in participating in the GTI Platform.

  • There is no one way to teach
  • Classroom contexts differ
  • Teaching is a complex process
  • The focus is on the teaching
  • Celebrate the contributors and the profession
  • A safe environment
  • Overall, we ask you to cherish the profession that shapes future generations. When viewing and commenting in the GTI Platform, it is important to always support and further the importance of the teaching profession and the work it does. Read our entire code of conduct.

    Terms of service and privacy policy

    Read our terms of service and our privacy policy, and report any issues at [email protected].

    We would love to hear from you!

    Please do get in touch if you would be interested in contributing classroom videos to the Global Teaching InSights, or if you would like to collaborate with us around the curation and contents of our site. You can reach us at: [email protected]

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