Observing Teaching

Mastering the complexity of teaching takes time and requires a lot of practice and sustained effort. Observing and reflecting about actual lessons can play a critical role in the journey to becoming a proficient teacher. It provides a direct window into the classroom, from which practitioners can analyse and reflect about teaching in order to hone their craft.

Observation Masterclasses

The Global Teaching InSights Observation Masterclasses are a collection of in-depth case studies of teaching that are designed to bring together analysis of teacher moves, mathematical content and student engagement to support a reflective process of teaching. You can explore the collection here.

Observation Tools

Teaching is multidimensional, dynamic, and nuanced. During instruction, teachers process countless and often simultaneous signals from a wide range of sources, and they must be able to use this information in real-time to adjust their lessons as needed. Many contextual factors influence how teaching unfolds in the classroom and there is no one way to teach.

The OECD Observation Tools are designed to bring the best international research to your fingertips. In particular, the tools focus on aspects of teaching that experts from across the globe agree are essential to carefully consider when becoming a proficient teacher. Download the observation tool in English or Spanish.

Six domains of teaching

Read more about classroom research

By directly observing teaching in the classroom, the OECD Global Teaching InSights: a video study of teaching piloted new research methods to gain a better understanding of teaching and learning at an international scale. The Study looked into classroom management, social-emotional support and instructional practices in the classroom, as well as students’ opportunities to learn the content specified in the curricula. Through a pre-post design, the Study also examined how all these aspects of teaching related to student learning and student non-cognitive outcomes. Read the full study findings.

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