Global Teaching InSights: Code of Conduct

Teaching is as important and impactful as it is complex and challenging. At the OECD (“we”, “us”, “our” or “OECD”), we value the teaching profession’s expertise and honour its struggles and challenges. The goal of the Global Teaching Insights platform (the “GTI platform” or the “Platform”) and community is to support the teaching profession, in all its rich diversity and breadth. The platform is intended to be a professional resource for teachers than can be used for professional learning and development. To support this, your participation in the GTI Platform will be governed by the following Code of Conduct which forms part of the Terms of Service for the Platform.

Six Guiding Principles

We ask you to embrace and abide by our six guiding principles and to let them underpin all your interactions and actions in participating in the GTI Platform.

  • There is no one way to teach. Teaching can be done in many different ways and styles, which take time to master and perfect. The profession is enriched by its diversity of impactful strategies and the GTI Platform is designed to be a means of showcasing such diversity. The GTI is a resource that wants to shed light on the plethora of impactful strategies that can be used in the classroom, whilst acknowledging that each strategy can interact with the goals and needs of teachers and of learners in countless different ways that it would be impossible to ever fully capture or demonstrate.
  • Classrooms contexts differ. What works in one classroom may not automatically work elsewhere. Classrooms can contain a great deal of diversity and there are too many factors and elements at play for classrooms and the process of classroom teaching to ever be consistently the same. Comparing between contexts therefore requires careful professional judgement, reflection and consideration. Even when adopting strategies or ideas from elsewhere, a degree of adaptation and refinement may be necessary and the outcomes between classrooms may vary.
  • Teaching is a complex process. The examples displayed capture the multiplicity of split-second decisions and actions, occurring in response to an overwhelming quantity of environmental signals, which make teaching what it is. We aim to highlight this complex nature of authentic, real teaching in classrooms. Nevertheless, there is much inside and outside the classroom that shapes what you observe that we could never convey. The differences in previous student learning; socio-economic fabric; system demands, structures and resources; views and expectations of teachers; societal views of subjects and topics, are but a small sample of the factors that filter through to how teaching unfolds. Factors like these further heighten the complexity of teaching, and mean that examples of teaching need to be considered with care.
  • The focus is on the teaching. It is important to acknowledge and encourage the positives and successes that you see in examples and ideas. Refrain from commenting on the level of skill, expertise, or effort of the teachers displayed. We want to focus on the actions and strategies that are teaching, which can help us prioritise strengthening our knowledge of the craft of teaching.
  • Celebrate the contributors and the profession. Treat all contributors to the GTI Platform respectfully; they are bravely exposing their teaching and thoughts to help the entire profession. Use welcoming and inclusive language in all interactions in the GTI Platform, being respectful of differing viewpoints and experiences. Abuse, harassment, insults, profanities, trolling, racism, sexism, hatred have absolutely no place in the profession or on the GTI Platform.
  • A safe environment. You are responsible for ensuring that all content you post to the GTI Platform is lawful and that you do not violate any applicable law, contract or intellectual property rights, individual data privacy rights, or any rights of third parties, under which you can be held accountable. Anything you post will be visible to other users. You can help us to build a positive, supportive environment for the GTI Platform by reporting instances that infringe on the Code of Conduct, and engaging productively and proactively with the GTI Platform.

Overall, we ask you to cherish the profession that shapes future generations. When viewing and commenting in the GTI Platform, it is important to always support and further the importance of the teaching profession and the work it does. 

You can always provide us with feedback to improve too. Please contact: [email protected].